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6 Ways In Which You Can Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home

  • Jan 28, 2020
  • VIEWS: 2729

Our home is a reflection of ourselves. Today, you can buy a home by taking on a home loan and decorate it the way you like. You don’t have to worry about drilling nails into the walls or colouring it the way you please, if it is your own home. You also have the liberty to remodel it as you like and add you own touch to every room. A home designing trend that is catching the fancy of home owners today is that of an indoor plant garden. Many new home owners are looking for modern indoor plants ideas to give their homes a pop of colour. Here are some plants ideas that help you bring the beautiful outdoors, indoors.

  1. 1. Chinese Money Plants

    The Chinese Money plants are one of the classic indoor plant ideas that have never gone out of style. This plant requires moderate care. Just plant it in a corner with indirect sunlight but ensure you are careful about watering it. You need to water the plant thoroughly, while letting the soil dry. This approach is known as the ‘drench and dry’ approach’. Also, you can mist the plant weekly. The unusual, different sized leaves of the Chinese Money Plant leave a dramatic impression, so stick to a simple pot.

  2. 2. Delicate coffee plants

    If you love the aroma of coffee in your house, then you can consider adding a fragrant Arabica coffee plant while bouncing off house plant ideas. Coffee plants are both, beautiful to look at and easy to maintain. What’s more, you could just be able to find a few beans that you can use to roast and brew a delicious cuppa. Like with the money plant, watering the coffee plant is an important part of its maintenance. Don’t over-water the plant. The plant gives you clues when it feels too dry; the leaves will look droopy. The plant’s health can be restored with normal watering. Also, remember to place the plant under medium indirect sunlight.

  3. 3. Tall snake plants

    Another low maintenance plant that can help add colour into your home is that of the snake plant. This plant belongs in the same corner as the first two plant décor ideas mentioned in this list i.e. it requires medium, indirect sunlight. You need to water the plant only when the soil dries completely. The snake plant may also be placed in an empty corner in the living room, as it adds a subtle tinge of yellow-green in this most important room in your house.

  4. 4. Kitchen herb garden

    If you have an open space, overlooking the sunlight, you can plant your own kitchen herb garden. A mix of peppermint, mint, lemon grass, coriander, dill and other herbs can be planted in a single space. Use long trays to segregate the plants and make your kitchen even more fragrant with your own in-house, kitchen herb garden. Note that different herbs may have different requirements in terms of maintenance, so you need to check about how each herb plant should be maintained.

  5. 5. Fragrant citronella plant

    While your small balcony garden may look picturesque with the above mentioned plants, there is also the chance that your house may become a breeding ground for insects, thanks to the plants. However, there is a way in which to prevent your indoor garden from the infestation of insects – you can add a fragrant citronella plant in the garden. The citronella plant has repellent properties that keep mosquitoes and other insects away, while also adding a soothing fragrance into your house.

  6. 6. Aloe Vera Plant

    If you’re looking for modern indoor plants ideas, you could consider adding the aloe Vera - a plant with beautifying properties. This plant deserves a place in your indoor garden as you can use it to create natural hair and face masks. Although this plant loves the sun, maintaining and watering it is rather easy. You must let the soil dry totally and water it only once a week.

Final word: As is evident, it is rather easy to add different natural hues in your household with these indoor plants. You can even create a small balcony garden featuring colourful and fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, if you have enough space. What’s more you can easily buy these plants in stores and even on online shopping websites.

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