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7 Interior Design Ideas To Give You The Arabian Nights Feels

  • Mar 28, 2020
  • VIEWS: 3514

We all dream of living in a comfortable home. We like to keep our home elegant and classy. Most of us look up different home décor ideas while furnishing our home. One trend that has caught on among the affluent class today is that of Arab style homes. These extravagant homes have become a favourite styling choice among the rich and middle income groups alike. If you’re looking for Arabian home decor ideas, this article could lend you some pointers.

  1. 1. Arabian Style Living Rooms

    The living room is the first room guests see when they enter your house. If you are looking for Arabian home decor ideas, it is only fitting that you start with decorating the living room. Think colourful long drapes adorning the windows, beautiful white and gold minarets, and comfortable and colourful sofas with velvet or silk cushions to lend your home an Arabian flavour. Accents of red and gold, beige and gold, or even white and gold can give your room a truly authentic Arabian feel. While doing up the living room it is better to consult an interior decorator, since it is easy to get carried away when there are several elements at play.

  2. 2. Colourful Persian rugs

    Any Arabic house worth its salt, will always adorn a colourful Persian Rug. Rugs can be found in every corner of the house, save for the bath area. You can get rugs in different shapes and sizes for different rooms. You may customise the same rugs for every room or choose a different rug for each room. If you ask your Arab friends for Arabic home decor ideas concerning rugs, they will often advise that you select dark-toned rugs – maroons, browns, reds, metallic blue etc. Remember, people tend to walk bare-foot on rugs so it is best to go for darker colours.

  3. 3. Shiny Crystal Chandeliers

    Chandeliers are also synonymous with Arabic households. Traditional Arabs like installing chandeliers in all their rooms and the size of the chandelier varies depending upon the room. For instance, living rooms typically comprise of large, crystal chandeliers whereas bedrooms generally have slightly smaller chandeliers. These beautiful overhead lamps featuring hundreds of bulbs can truly render a regal look to your household and are a must if you aspire to build an Arabian style home

  4. 4. Classic Candelabras

    While speaking about Middle Eastern home décor ideas, we cannot ignore the role of candelabras. Simply known as candle with multiple arms, candelabras fit easily in all corners (and centre) of every room. It makes for a great accessory on your dining table and coffee table. It looks just as gorgeous if you fit it in your bedroom as well. Today, you can even get electronic candelabras online, but if you want the authentic Arabic feel, it is better to select a traditional candelabrum and fit it with aromatic candles.

  5. 5. Accent pillows

    Pillows, poufs and ottomans are another favourite in Arabic households. You’ll find velvet cushions on single wooden chairs and sofas and round pillows for swing sets in every home. Placing Ottomans and foot stools make for great Arabic home decor ideas in your living room. Also, you can choose different accent pillows in terms of fabric and colour. Velvet accent pillows are both, vibrant and soft and can make you feel instantly comfortable – whether you want to rest your head or your feet.

  6. 6. Charming Lamp shades

    If you don’t have the budget to install chandeliers, you can cut corners and fit in beautiful lamp shades. Fit them nicely in different corners of various rooms to give your home a beautiful Middle Eastern vibe. Choose a multi-coloured lamp with Aztec prints or a subtle lamp with shades of white and gold; there are endless choices you will find on the internet to suit the style and colour theme of your home.

  7. 7. Extravagant silk fabrics

    Extravagant silk fabrics seem to be a favourite among the Arabs. They love long drapes adorning their doors and windows. Silk is also used to cover their sofas, chairs and cushions. The theme is consistent not only in the living room but also in bedrooms where they prefer to use satin or silk comforters and blankets. Silk gives your home a lavish feel and seems to dominate Arab households.

Final word: Living like an Arab in an Arabian themed house may sound exciting but may come with a hefty price tag. When you try to implement these Arabic or Middle Eastern home décor ideas, you will find that you will need a large budget. If the budget is a concern, you can always apply for a home loan. Banks and Housing Finance Companies provide home renovation, home furnishing and home improvement loans which can be repaid in budget-friendly instalments over long and flexible tenures.

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