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8 Vintage Decor Ideas For Every Mood

  • Jan 28, 2020
  • VIEWS: 2573

All of us like to live in a beautiful space, but only a few of us have the skill to make every place beautiful. Each one has a different definition of what constitutes as beautiful, but almost everyone seems to agree with the idea that antiques and vintage décor items can elevate any room. Contrary to popular belief, vintage does not have to expensive; if you only use your imagination. You can create the perfect décor for your home with the 8 fantastic vintage home decor ideas.

  1. 1. Repurpose an old trunk into a coffee table

    Nothing says vintage quite like old trunks. Owned by our grandparents, these trunks may no longer be travel friendly (imagine the weight capacity you’d exceed if you took it on an aircraft) but they stand for all things antique. A simple vintage décor idea is to repurpose these old trunks into a cute coffee table. Pink a beautiful bright colour to paint the old trunk to get those antique feels.

  2. 2. Stacking up different sized trunks is also vintage and chic

    If you want to give your room a classic 80s, retro look, you could stack up different sized trunks, from big to small in different colours in a corner in your bedroom. Think blues, yellows and orange trunks. Buy ordinary trunks from flea stores and paint them. Build on the retro room décor idea and add a retro vase on the smallest size trunk on the top. Other vintage props to play around with include photo frames, painted tea kettles and cups and so on.

  3. 3. Refurbish an old crib into a charming vintage-style bench

    Remove that crib from your attic and paint it into a beautiful hue of copper or gold or any other vintage colour that you fancy. The crib can be refurbished to create a charming bench. Add velvety cushions with cute quotes embroidered on it and place in in your front porch.

  4. 4. Install a pallet shelf with decorative herb jars

    This antique interior design idea is for those quiet corners you want to escape to. The pallet shelf can double as a wall unit on which you can add beautiful decorative herb jars. You may also use the shelves to place some of your favourite photographs in beautiful vintage frames.

  5. 5. Buy a tall ladder and set up in a corner in the living room

    Tall ladders also scream vintage. They remind you of a simpler time. You can paint them in bold or warm colours and leave them strategically in a corner in your living room, preferably near a window. You can even customise the ladder by hiring a carpenter to carve out a wooden ladder along with different sized, quirky looking stools, in different colours to complement the ladder.

  6. 6. Consider buying vintage furniture

    If you have the budget for it, you can consider decorating your home with vintage style furniture. The wooden and velvety tables and chairs you see when you tour a palace are ideal for people who have large living rooms. Add velvety poufs, ottomans and foot stools, a small coffee table and so on, to give your home a nice, early 90s appeal. This antique interior design idea however, does not come cheap. Be ready to cough up a good amount of money, unless you are lucky enough to find your spoils in a flea market.

  7. 7. Design your own Antler and crockery wall

    People in the early 1900 proudly installed animal antlers and taxidermy in their homes. And while it is illegal to hunt animals and hang antlers in your house anymore, you can always get faux antlers on online furniture websites. Paint them in beautiful ebony or silver tones and decorate the area around with charming little glass plates with subtle prints on them.

  8. 8. Chandeliers are always in style

    If you really want to go all out with vintage decor ideas, you can think of installing chandeliers in your living room as well. Chandeliers have a retro, vintage appeal but make sure the paints and drapes match the type of chandelier you choose. Also, consider the size of your living room while picking out the chandelier. A big chandelier in a small room can look really tacky.

Final word: So, if you’re looking to redo your home, you can borrow the above antique home décor ideas. If you need to funds to furnish your home, you can always apply for a home loan – particularly a home renovation or home improvement loan. These loans are available for flexible tenures and can be repaid in budget-friendly EMIs.

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