Capitalize on the Revised Home Loan Interest Rates

Home Loan Interest Rates

Home loans are the stepping stones to your dream home. The only factor that you must worry about is getting the best rate possible; and when it comes to home loan interest rates, the lower the better.

Here are 3 reasons why this is the ideal time for you to avail a home loan and go get your own space.

Increased Eligibility:

A drop in 50 base points in housing loan interest rates, means increased eligibility for home loan borrowers.

For example, say a person earning 10,000 was eligible for a loan of 5.5 lakh. The revised home loan interest rates mean he can now borrow 5.8 lakh over the same time period. To know more, click here – Home Loan Interest Rates

In simple terms, you can now get a home loan for a higher amount and do not have to give up on that house you always wanted but couldn’t afford.


Buying a home requires a considerable amount of finances. Hence, all home buyers have one thing in common – they look for means in which they can cut down costs to own a home. Very often this would mean choosing a neighbourhood or area which is cheaper, lesser space or at times cutting on the costs of the interiors to pinch pennies.

With a drop in home loan interest rates, you now have an easy alternative to save the bucks. A decreased home loan interest rate will definitely result in savings for you! A drop of 15 base points might seem like a marginal amount on face value, but if calculated over the complete home loan period of 20 or 25 years, it results in saving a substantial sum.

Market Fluctuation:

Home loan interest rates depend on a variety of factors like government schemes, real estate value, benchmark prime lending rate (BPLR) etc. As such, there is no guarantee that the current home loan interest rates of 8.35%, that housing finance companies like Indiabulls Housing Finance are offering, will still be a possibility tomorrow.

Hence like the old age, it would be ideal to strike while the iron is hot. In conclusion, you need to hurry up simply because– someone might just snatch up your dream home while you keep waiting and contemplating and you might not get the great rates that are available in the market today.

So when is the right time to buy a home loan? Well if you have read this article you would know that the right answer is just one – NOW! Visit the Home Loan page to know more.

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