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Ways to reduce Home Loan

Ways to reduce your Home Loan

What is a home loan? A home loan is the amount of money borrowed from a financial organization or from a bank to pay for a new house. Home loans comprise of floating or fixed…

Home Loans and their Types

Home Loans and their Types

Acquiring your ‘own home’ is a major milestone in one’s life. It requires a lot of planning as it has to be made keeping in mind everyone’s choice, preferences and requirements. Apart from this it…

Home Loan Eligibility

Eligibility for a Home Loan

Home loans are approved for candidates only when certain criteria are met with and when the candidates successfully produce adequate documents which authenticate their eligibility. Though various financial institutions may feature distinct criteria and requirements…

Choosing a Home Loan

How to Choose a Home Loan?

The decision of opting for the right home loan involves a lot of planning, research and consultation. There are many factors which have to be taken into consideration while deciding on a home loan. These…

Documents required for home loan

Home Loan Approvals just got easier

Applying for a home loan involves a lot of patience. Several long forms, documents and a tiring wait after, you get to the point where you may or may not get approved for your loan….

Loan EMI Calculator

Know your EMI

Home loans are tricky business for many people. From the never ending application to planning the repayment of the loan, it can cause a lot of stress to the loan applicant. One of the major…

Easy Home Loan

An App To Ease Your Home Loan Process

A home loan process is one that requires a lot of time and effort. It starts with several visits to your lender, many long forms to be filled out, long waiting periods and  does not…