Home Loan Refinancing

Home loans are usually taken for a long duration, roughly 20-25 years. During this tenure market conditions tend to fluctuate which may alter interest rates and other factors. Due to these fluctuations, borrowers may want…


A home loan from across the borders

A home loan from across the borders Taking a loan is never too difficult, if you know it right. Earlier, for an NRI, taking a home loan was a difficult and complicated process. But it…


Joint home loans: To do or not to do?

We have all heard of home loans haven’t we? The banks take into consideration the eligibility criteria before sanctioning a loan. A borrower must be at least 21 years of age and at most 60…


10 Secrets to get a perfect home loan

Although anyone who is above 21 years of age and has a good CIBIL score can apply for a home loan, there are a few secrets to get the best loan at the best price….


Importance of a good credit score for a home loan

A home loan, today, is a function of more than one factor. In addition to your income and ability to replay, your credit score is another very important factor that determines your eligibility for a…


Home Loan: Few charges you should know about

In today’s world loans are being approved every minute of the day.They are in fact taken for multiple purposes. A loan for your new house forms an essential component under this umbrella. Let’s say you…