Smart Cities: Paving the way to the future?

Pollution, traffic jams, crowded areas – these are just a few of the problems that plague many Indian cities. And the steady rise in urban population only means these problems get even worse. Is there any way we can tackle these issues and enable ourselves to make our standard of living better.

One way to help urban areas grow and be a better place to live is by moving towards smarter cities. Imagine your favourite city in India. Is it easy to drive there and find a parking space? Are the shopping malls crowded or is it safe to ride a bicycle on the streets? Now imagine the same city with more cars, motorcycles and of course, people. Lots and lots of more people! As per a recent UN study, the global urban population will increase from 3.92 billion in 2015 to 6.25 billion in 2050. Yes, an increase of 60 percent in just 35 years.

What is a smart city?

Definitions may vary, but a smart city is a city that sources and interconnects the best solutions for sustainable energy, mobility, space utilisation and last but not the least, offers a great place to work and live, irrespective of the rising population.

The term ‘smart city’ usually refers to a combination of human networks, urban innovation and the environment. The whole concept recognises the need of collaboration across different groups, such as business, academia, citizen groups and city governments. Simply, a smart city is where people come together to find the most efficient solution for the future of the city.

Why smart cities?

Most of us are all-too familiar with delays in public transportation and traffic jams. Additionally, walkers and bikers are affected too by the traffic owes faced in the city. A smart city will offer an eco-friendly, efficient and comfortable transportable option including elevated paths for cyclists eliminating the need of waiting at crosswalks.

So how does the idea of a smart city succeed? If cities need to get smarter, it is vital to involve all parties involved. Participation of all citizens is a must. The best source of ideas to encourage intelligent solutions is the users of public infrastructure.

Improvements such as these will only enrich the lives of the city’s citizens helping them live a better life and reach new standards in leading a healthier and comfortable lifestyle. Apply for a Home Loan in India to easily buy a comfortable and lavish House in a Smart City.

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