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Thinking about redecorating your living room? Consider these tips

  • Jan 28, 2020
  • VIEWS: 3087

Every room in your house has a story to tell. But none has the privilege and ability to tell it, like your living room does. This is the room your guests see when they come to your home. It leaves an impression about your personality and lifestyle like no other room does. Whether it the décor, the furniture or the wall colours, this room gives our guests a glimpse into our way of living. It is little wonder why we spend the most time beautifying our living rooms. If you are looking for some living room interior design ideas, this is the article for you.

  1. 1. Warm hues and classic patterns

    For the minimalistic and classy types, the colour tones of the walls and the interiors are the main points of concern. If this is your style, you could consider lighting your house with warmer hues. Choose neutral colours with warm tones in the backdrop and couple it with soft furnishings, featuring classic patterns. Complement the look with living room décor featuring simple and classic wooden furniture to add a touch of elegance.

  2. 2. Go for the modern rustic look

    Modern rustic is typically defined as a contemporary style featuring open-plan spaces. This is a look you can enhance with antique style furniture. Pick and blend vintage pieces like ottomans and foot stools, a sofa that converts to a futon and an elegant coffee table in the centre to make the living room appear larger than it is. You can also spruce up the room with vintage mirror pieces.

  3. 3. Play with artificial and natural lights

    Lighting, both natural and artificial is an integral component in the living room interior decoration process. You want the sunlight to enter into the room from the right windows and corners and you want to place the artificial lights strategically as well. Think about classy, miniature lamps and chandeliers. Choose bulb colours to match the ceilings, especially if you’ve painted yourself a work of art. Picking lamps is tricky and can make your living room either very classy or very tacky; there is no middle-ground.

  4. 4. Think velvety florals

    If you like bright colours and are bold enough to play around with large floral patterns, this is an interior decoration idea worth considering. Instead of basic colours, you could install floral wallpapers, providing a beautiful, delicate backdrop. Complete the walls with rich and deep velvet toned sofas – possibly in a contrasting, deep-blue tone. Complete the furnishing with customised, velvet cushions.

  5. 5. Go for the naturally laid back look

    If you want your living room to say that you are a relaxed, welcoming host, you can go for the naturally laid back look. This is one of the most simple living room designs for the no-fuss home owner. Paint your walls white and furnish the room with pale wooden furniture along with soft-grey upholstery. A classic sofa makes for a great centrepiece, while you can play around with mix and matched cushions and a geometric print rug.

  6. 6. Go the botanic route

    Green is in. You can decorate your living room in different hues of green – from fern to moss to forest green. These colours help bring a natural, warm tone that appears luxurious to neutral palettes. Complement the green hues with a touch of light brown or black to define your furniture in the room. The brown and green, forestry theme gives your living room interiors a sense of relaxed layering.

  7. 7. Add a pop of colour in the tiny spaces

    While decorating our living rooms, we often end up underestimating or ignoring the smaller spaces, which actually have the potential elevate the look of the room. In your small lounge area, you can consider adding a soft, rounded and compact velvet sofa with hues of golden. Add character to the little spaces with patterned, fringed cushions that provide a sense of individuality. Combining a handful of tactile textures allow you to add depth and elevate the small spaces.

Final word: As you can see, there is a lot of scope when it comes to living room interior design. Whether you like rich or soft colours, you can mix and match and choose themes that profess your individuality. There is no doubt that interior decoration can prove to be a costly affair. But you can always get the funds you need by applying for a home loan – specifically a home renovation loan or home remodelling loan.

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