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Home loan fees and charges Home loan fees and charges

Home Loan Fees and Charges

Indiabulls Home Loans (IBHL) offers competitive processing fees that is a one-time payment to avail your home loan. Only after the processing fees are paid you will be able to officially avail the home loan. In addition to this, IBHL also charges for transactional handling charges in balance transfer and/or resale home loans. Other fees and charges include Cheque / NACH dishonour charges, late payment charges, retrieval charges for copies of loan or property in IBHL custody, as well as charges for amortization schedule or statement of account. You are also charged for retrieving original property documents for a specific activity.




Processing Fees 0.50% onwards of loan amount
Technical /Valuation and Legal opinion charges, SRO search charges, ROC search charges, non-encumbrance certificate from SRO charges Rs. 2,500 (plus applicable taxes and other bona fide levies, if any)
Transaction handling charges in balance transfer / resale home loans Rs. 1,500 (plus applicable taxes and other bona fide levies, if any)
Cheque / NACH / ECS dishonour charges INR 500  and INR 750 (LAP)
Late payment charges 24% per annum of outstanding EMI
Repayment Mode/ Account Swap charges Rs.500
Property Swap Charges  (Swapping is at discretion of lender) Rs.10000
Charges for Reissuance of pay order/disbursement cheque revalidation Rs.500
Foreclosure  statement Charges Rs.500
(Nil if requested once in quarter)
List of Documents Rs.1000
(Nil if requested within initial 6 months of 1st disbursement)
Penal Charges In case of payment defaults - 24% (twenty four percent) per annum on outstanding of EMI/ Pre-EMI. In case of other defaults/Event of Default - 2% (two percent) per annum on the outstanding amount of loan
Retrieval charges for Copies of loan /property document in IB custody Rs.750
Charges for Physical Statement Of Account / Amortization Schedule. Rs.200                                                    
Registration Charges for Borrowers ECS Mandate (loan repayment) NIL
Income tax certificate in home loans NIL
Compliant handling charges NIL
Charges for certified true copies of title deeds from SRO, if applicable. As per Actual
Stamping charges of loan Agreement As per actual, subjected to state laws - to be borne by the borrower
Stamping charges of other legal documents like indemnity bond, legal undertakings, legal affidavits, personal guarantee bond, power of attorney for NRI home loans etc. As per actual, subjected to state laws - to be procured by the borrower
Original property documents retrieval for specific activity like production at SRO or development authority (on borrower request) Rs 5,000 (plus applicable taxes and other bona fide levies, if any)
Database admin fee Rs 650 (Inclusive of plus applicable taxes and other bona fide levies, if any
ROI switch fee Home Loan As per Standard Switch Grid as available on request(plus applicable taxes and other bona fide levies, if any)

All applicable fees & charges along with the associated taxes shall levy and other bona fide levies (if any), which in case payable, are to be paid in addition to the applicable fees/charges.

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