Why it makes sense to go for a home loan this festive season

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A home is more than a roof over the head; it is truly your castle. It is a place where lifelong dreams are nurtured, and you can have a space to call your own. However, with the increasing real estate prices, not everyone can afford to purchase a home. This is where home loans come into play. Home loans enable people to buy their dream house and pay for it over a period of time, through EMI’s. And the best time to apply for a home loan is during the festive season! It is that time of the year when investment firms offer unlimited festival offers that make it cheaper to get a home loan. Financial institutions offer attractive interest rates and may waive off the processing fee during Diwali. That’s not all, even builders and developers come up with attractive schemes to help you to make the most cost-effective purchase. Here’s why you should take complete advantage of the glorious festive season and apply for a home loan:

  • A downpour of offers from home loan financing companies!

There is no better and more auspicious time to buy a home, than Diwali. According to the customs, it is believed that it’s the occasion of abundance, joy and prosperity and so people make financial investments. Therefore, home loan finance companies offer better interest rates which make home loans cheaper. Some may forego the processing fee, assure faster processing, guarantee longer tenure, give better EMI options, and the list is endless. They even bend backward, by keeping themselves open the entire ten days, just so that you can get the right home loan for your dream house. So, you better not miss this bus, and catch it while you can! To apply for home loan, contact us here!

  • Builders build you up!

Freebies, discounts, gifts, attractive offers, when builders give such propositions, you know it’s the festive season! Offers such as getting gold coins as gifts, winning free European trips, getting your favourite motorbike in the package, make it easier for you to purchase their dream house.

  • End of festivals, beginning of high interest rates!

After Diwali, most financial institutions immediately shut down the festive discounts and increase the home loan interest rates. Hence, if you apply for a home loan after the festival, you might end up paying more, with higher interest rates. Visit Home Loan Interest Rates page to check the current interest rates.

  • Don’t get sidetracked, get on track!

Home loan financing companies will leave no stone unturned to lure you with inviting festival offers. In fact, these offers may entice you to shop more than your means, so don’t forget to consider the three most important attributes – interest rates, tenure and fees. These factors will decide your monthly installment that you have to pay even after the end of the festivities. Therefore, it is important not to get sidetracked with the offers and pick the correct festival loan: one that suits your requirement. So, avail the opportunity of purchasing your dream house and build any future you want with it. Related Articles:

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