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Keeping Up With the Trendy Times – 6 Insanely Cool Home Upgrade Ideas

  • Jan 28, 2020
  • VIEWS: 1843

Every few years, we feel the need to upgrade our homes. It starts with moving around the furniture a little bit and upgrading our tech systems but there are times when we really need to change the way we’ve set up our home. From painting the rooms to installing new furniture, upgrading our home is an ongoing process. But most of us tend to undertake the entire upgradation process in one shot. If you are considering upgrading your home in the near future, here are 6 insanely cool home upgrade ideas.

  1. 1. Convert your home into a smart home

    Smart homes have become a trend since 2015 with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistants; there is literally nothing you cannot do. All you have to do is yell out a verbal command, for instance, “Alexa Turn off the lights” or “Okay Google, book me an Uber”. Of course, you need to install the smart lights synced with Alexa to render the command meaningful and download the necessary applications on your smart phone. These devices also serve as music systems, where, once again, you have to verbally request the songs you want to listen to. This house update idea may make you feel like you’re living in the future.

  2. 2. Update the fixtures

    There are faucets in every room in the house; whether it is your kitchen your bathroom or your kids rooms. Also, all rooms have door knobs, locks and latches. You can update these fixtures on your own without paying a handyman. Just paint these fixtures in beautiful bright colours to make them appear brand new. You can easily find tutorials on these on the internet.

  3. 3. Add different sized mirrors

    Nothing says a modern house as mirrors do. Available in different shapes, sizes and colours, mirrors have the capacity to make your rooms appear larger in size. Look for cool vintage mirrors online. You can even buy these in flea markets and then google easy DIY house upgrades on YouTube to find neat ways to enhance the mirrors and place them strategically in different corners of your house.

  4. 4. Hide the sore spots with paintings or photographs

    If you have an artist in your midst, this house upgrade idea could totally work. If not, you can always buy some cool art pieces off the internet. Let’s say the wall paint is peeling off in a certain area, but the entire room doesn’t need repainting; you can simply drill in a nail and add a painting on the sore spot. If you don’t want to add a painting, you can always choose a nice family photo, get it framed and hang it, covering the sore spot cleverly.

  5. 5. Paint the kitchen cabinets

    The kitchen unintentionally becomes a splash-zone; especially in Indian kitchens where we like to ‘flambé’ our food. If your kitchen cabinets are close to the stove, they can suffer oil and water splashes. Any easy fix for this is to paint your kitchen cabinets. Use paints that will easily wipe-off the splash marks. Painting the kitchen cabinets is an easy DIY house upgrade idea and you’ll only need the paint and roller pin to get you started. Just remember to check the best kind of paint that protects the cabinets from the splashes.

  6. 6. Install bookshelves or create your mail box into a library

    If you have a fair share of books in your house and want to store them neatly and elegantly, you can build yourself a bookshelf. There are innumerable DIY ideas on the internet to help you build your own bookshelf. A cute idea is to convert your mail box into a little library. If you are not into arts-and-crafts, you can always find cool book shelves on online shopping and furniture shopping websites. You can order it and paint the shelf to match the colour schemes of the rooms in which you wish to install it.

The above mentioned house upgrade ideas can render your home trendy. That said; while upgrading your home may seem exciting, it comes with quite a hefty price tag. However, there is no need to fret. You can simply apply for a home loan, specifically a home improvement loan or home remodelling loan and begin the upgradation process. Just draw up an estimate of expenses, check the home loan lenders offering the best interest rates and tenure and begin the loan application process.

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